Meet the Zoo’s cute stars anbefaler et besøg i Københavns Zoo

Photo: Frank Rønsholt

Zoo in Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest Zoos. The garden was built in 1859. At that time, the animal husbandry was limited to eagles, chickens, ducks, a seal in a bucket and turtles.

Today you can enjoy the sight of tigers, elephants, giraffes and chimpanzees. The biggest attraction at the moment is the Chinese pandas Zing Er and Mao Sun, who arrived in Denmark this April.

Zoo is definitely worth a visit, especially for families with children. During the summer period there can be a long queue, and it can be recommended to buy tickets in advance, so you / I are allowed to skip the queue.

Top 5 places in Copenhagen guides you to the best places in

Cph Guide shows you the best places in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen offers many historical and cultural attractions. If you only have a few days in the city, it can be difficult to see most spots. Fortunately, the most popular sights are quite close together. In fact, so close that you can get an overview of the places by renting a bike or by walking. Copenhagen is suitable for family holidays, holidays with your girlfriend, partner or if you are single. The most important thing is, in fact, your needs and desires. Cph Guide selected 5 places, a few sights, which we at the editorial office consider as ‘must seen’ Cph sights:

1. The King’s Garden & Rosenborg Castle

The royal garden and Rosenborg Castle have since the 17th century been the king’s favorite private summer residence and garden. Rosenborg Castle is the home of the royal family’s crown jewels, which are guarded by the Royal Guard. Today, the beautiful rococo-inspired garden is used as a destination for families with children, young people and pensioners.

2. Stroeget 
Stroeget is a commercial street that offers shopping experiences for every budget. The stroeget stretches for about one kilometer and contains both luxury clothing brands and shops that are aimed at a narrower budget. In addition, there are rich opportunities to find good restaurants, cafes and specialty shops

3. Amalienborg
Most tourists wonder that it is so easy to get so close to the royal in Denmark. And you can do that at Amalienborg. The four mansions that together make up a world oldest monarchy. The royal family has threads all the way back to “Gorm Den Gamle” ano 958 A.C.

4. The little mermaid
The Little Mermaid known from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale adorns the Langelinje promenade. In 1913, beer brewer Carl Jakobsen (Known for the Carlsberg brand) donated the Mermaid to Copenhagen. The mermaid can be experienced at a near distance.

5. Christiania

Just a quarter of a bike ride from the inner city is the Christiania sanctuary. Here you can experience colorful shops, buy organic food at reasonable prices, go to high-end restaurant at Spiseloppen and experience cultural events.

Get an artistic time travel in Glyptoteket


Glyptoteket contains works from antiquity to modern art collections.

Here you can wander around the beautiful halls and let yourself be sucked into the Etruscan, Egyptian, Roman and Greek works of antiquity.The museum also offers a collection of modern French and Danish works by Rodin, van Gogh, Degas Købke, Monet and a number of works of art by Gauguin.

When you have walked around in the exhibition and need a break, you can rightly enjoy cold and hot drinks as well as snack in the Glyptotek’s beautiful winter garden.

The Glyptotek was founded by brewer Carl Jacobsen (1842-1914), who is the man behind world-renowned Danish beer brand Carlsberg.

Bonus info: There is free entrance on Tuesday.