Get around in Copenhagen

You have just arrived in Copenhagen and would like to go around in the easiest and perhaps also cheapest way. Public transport in Copenhagen can be a bit of a jungle to find around.

Cph Guide shows you how to get the best and cheapest transport in Copenhagen.

If you have plans to go to museums, for instance a trip to the amusement park Tivoli, get on canal tour in Nyhavn or experience the feel of Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, then you can advantageously buy a Copenhagen Card

In addition to access to public transport in the capital’s bus, S-train, metro, harbor buses and regional trains, the card also provides access to a wealth of attractions in the capital. Tickets for  public bus, train and metro can be purchased via the DOT app, in addition to ticket machines at train stations.

If you do not plan to visit a few attractions, then you can advantageously buy a Copenhagen Pass, which gives access to all public transports in the metropolitan area from the zones 1-99.

However, you can also choose to do as most locals – rent a bike. Here it is recommended to look for the white electric city bikes (Bycyklen) that can be rented on minute basis.

You can also rent a Donkey Bike  through an app. The bikes cost from which are known for their orange color. It costs dkk 50 for two hours and becomes cheaper, the longer you rent the bike

We can also recomend you to rent a bike from the many bicycle shops in the city, who like to rent somewhere between dkk 50 to 120 kroner a day, depending on the quality of the bike.


Get around i Copenhagen with public transportation

Copenhagen Card
Price(Adults): from DKK 399 for 24 hours)
(Children) From DKK 199 for children over age of 10 years:

Gives acces public busses, S-trains, metro and regional trains and free entrence to the most popular attractions & amusement parks etc. NB: 1 adult can take two children u. 9 years for free. Read more by clicking here.

City Pass (Small)
Price(Adults): From DKK 80 for 24 hours
Children over 10 years - half price

The City Pass gives acces to public busses, trains, s-trains, public, metro & public ferry busses (the yellow ones) Zone 1-4 from Cph Airport to central Copenhagen) from 24 hours. Read more by clicking here.